viernes, 27 de abril de 2012

Water quality for the frogs

To keep amphibians in captivity in good conditions we need to be aware of several things, one of these is water quality, especially when we are working with aquatic frogs like we are.
Telmatobius frogs are aquatic frogs that have different dependence of water bodies and some of them are completely aquatic, one case is Titicaca water frog (Telmatobius culeus), that lives just in Titicaca lake in Peru and Bolivia.

Telmatobius culeus one frog that we are trying to breed

Working at the beginning with this frog we had some problems, but after some experiences of water management we were able to fix it. Now that we have a water test equipment we are taking different parameters from different places of Bolivia to know the water quality that different species use and also if there is a variation during the year.
Andrea measuring water quality in one stream
For this component we also are supporting a research that is obtaining information in the wild about different water parameters such as temperature, pH, hardness, alkalinity, ammonium, nitrite, nitrate and phosphates. After obtaining all this information we are trying to replicate these parameters in captivity with different recipes that we are testing.
All this research and information is improving a lot our results in captivity and now we can provide our frogs with a better quality of water that will allow us to breed these species much better.
Andrea measurin water quality in Titicaca lake

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