jueves, 27 de noviembre de 2014

domingo, 16 de noviembre de 2014

Amphibian Husbandry Course Bolivia

Amphibians are declining all around the world and in some cases there are few chances for some species, and in some cases captive breeding together with other in-situ measurements can provide a hope to threatened species.

Captive breeding can provide a safe population that in the future can be reintroduced and help wild populations or to reintroduce a species where previously was present

Finding the need to work with more institutions interested in amphibian conservation and captive breeding we organized together with Amphibian Ark the Amphibian Husbandry course in our Museum in Cochabamba Bolivia.
17 researchers, conservationists and zoo keepers attended this course where they learned different aspects about amphibians, the different parameters that we need to take in account to keep amphibians in captivity such as water quality, temperature, lighting, food, biosecurity among others.

With the great experience from members of Amphibian Ark we were able to share the knowledge that we need to start thinking in a correct way to start a captive breeding program that can be designed for education, exhibition, conservation or reintroduction purposes

With this course we hope that we can start collaborating with more people and institutions for the conservation of threatened Bolivian amphibians.