martes, 7 de agosto de 2012

Acquiring and sharing skills

It is very important for conservation projects to be updated and share the knowledge that in different parts conservation institutions are using, so in this way we have less chances to do the same mistakes or to develop our work in a better way with better and faster results.

participants and some lecturers of the Amphibian Conservation Husbandry course 2012

Capacity building is one key component of the Bolivian amphibian initiative and in this case we participated with our staff in the Amphibian conservation Husbandry course organized by Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust this June in Jersey United Kingdom.
Andrea learning how to inject microchips in amphibians
Andrea one of our staff was participating as a student to acquire the last tools and skills to work in conservation and with captive populations of amphibians and also was a very good experience for her to get in contact with other people in the world that is carrying out the same work she is developing within Bolivian amphibian Initiative. This experience gave Andrea a very good opportunity to see things from other point of view and also to understand where we want to arrive with the conservation of Bolivian amphibians. Now Andrea back to Bolivia after sharing all these experiences with the rest of the staff, she is also applying all these new tools to improve the work we are carrying out.
practice of marking techiques
practice of marking techiques

This very useful and interesting course was also an opportunity for me to share the knowledge about captive breeding and the different aspects that one to be aware, also all the experiences we are obtaining in the work with captive breeding and showing how conservation can be carried out in a developing country with very few resources. This also was a great opportunity to make new contacts and to refresh all the energies that we always get when we go back to Durrell and see all these people from all the world working for the conservation of endangered species.

visiting captive breeding facilities at Durrell

Now our next step is together with our team to organize the fourth amphibian conservation course in Bolivia that is organized by the Bolivian amphibian Initiative for students and young biologists and conservationists of Bolivia and surrounding countries, so we can spread our knowledge and experiences and more people can work for the conservation of endangered species.
Reintroduction of Agile frog tadpoles in Jersey