domingo, 8 de julio de 2012

New offspring of Telmatobius this year

Captive breeding is not just keeping individuals in captivity, one need to be able to obtain offspring from the species. This is the reason that at the moment we are testing different ways to breed the species that we have in captivity. We test different things and we try to find the best option, so in the future we can use this experience to breed our species and work in the future reintroduction projects we plan to do.
This year we were able to have another offspring of our model species Telmatobius hintoni. The founders were collected when they were tadpoles and this year after some months with several signs of breeding behavior the frogs laid their eggs and now we have several tadpoles that are doing well.
These steps will allow us to improve the work and also to do more research in the natural history of the species, and probably also to start testing with future reintroductions.
There are much more steps that we need to go, but slowly we are finding very interesting results and also this give us a hope for the future of at least some species of bolivian amphibians.