sábado, 17 de septiembre de 2011

High Andean Amphibian Conservation Course

High Andean Amphibian conservation course Titicaca 2011

Capacity building is a key component to make changes; it is a way to provide the information, the skills and the desire to work for a goal. One of the aims/ goals of the Bolivian amphibian Initiative are to train young biologists, students and veterinarians also involving park-rangers and local communities. In this case we organized the Course of Conservation of High Andean Amphibians, in Titicaca Lake for one week; there were 20 students from different areas of Bolivia and also some participants from Peru and Brazil.

practical activites about conservation

It was a great experience, to meet young people with a lot of ideas and enthusiasm to work with amphibians. Also was a refreshing period, where everybody shared their work and learned various aspects about amphibians. 

water test practice
Water test practice

They acquired some tools for conservation, like education, planning, fundraising, captive breeding and fieldwork techniques. These tools provided a general view about conservation and how they can use in the real life and their work with amphibians in Latin America.

fieldwork and biosecurity

We also had the support from some specialists working with High Andean amphibians in Bolivia that provided valuable information and experience, where the participants were able to see real cases in amphibian work.
We learned a lot from their experiences and due to organizing this course and thanks to the suggestions of the participants we want to improve our work and the next courses we are planning to organize.

In search of Telmatobius
In search of the frogs

Post mortem practice

It was also a good opportunity to bring together people that are working with amphibians in various subjects in different areas. Now this people will be able to work together, share information  and with the support of Bolivian Amphibian Initiative we want to start a network of young biologists working in different amphibian projects and as Bolivian amphibian Initiative  www.bolivianamphibianinitiative.org we will support their work.

learning about frogs playing

Origami with frogs