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Live food for the frogs

Building the greenhouse
One of the main aspects to have frogs in good conditions is the nutrition. Providing them not enough, too much or bad quality of food can bring some problems for the frogs.

The container and the greenhouse

This is the reason that we are improving our live food production where we can control and provide our frogs a good quality and variety of food. Due that temperature in our city is not so warm and because it was too difficult to warm up a room we decided to build a greenhouse where we can hold and raise our own food. 

The greenhouse from inside with earthworms, cockroaches, woodlice, fish and snails

At the moment we are starting with a group of cockroaches (Blaptica dubia) that now are starting to breed much faster with warmer temperatures. Another live food that we are trying to breed is woodlice and pill bugs that are well accepted by our frogs, so we are trying now to breed them.
Breeding cockroaches 

woodlice for our frogs

Earthworms is another group of live food that is very interesting because the nutritional qualities and also that they can survive long time in the water for our aquatic frogs, now we have a good number of earthworms that are breeding and soon will provide a good amount of food.
Earthworms in our greenhouse

Fish and aquatic snails are useful for some of our species and for this reason we are trying to breed some in the aquariums so we can provide the frogs a variety of items that will improve the nutritional status of the frogs.

Fish that are going to be used as food
With all this variety of food and also a better quality we pretend to improve the efficiency and results of our captive breeding program of endangered amphibians.

Telmatobius hintoni with a earthworm

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