sábado, 22 de enero de 2011

In search of Telmatobius in Chuquisaca II

Trying to find more Telmatobius we went to the area of Cajamarca some kilometers northwest of Sucre, in this area we worked in some streams that was very interesting for Telmatobius.

The first day the first hours just Hypsiboas alboniger present and then… yes! We found the first night two individuals! This time one female and some minutes later a male. They were the same species probably but we need to work with these individuals, now we have some possible founders for our captive breeding projects of Telmatobius.

The following days were interesting also finding some frogs, another species too, like Hypsiboas alboniger and Pleurodema cinereum.

We measured some parameters of the water in the area and some information of the habitat that will allow us to monitor in the future and also took Chytrid samples of all the areas were we worked in this and the previous places. This will allow us to have one idea of how the amphibian populations are going and where the Chytrid fungus is present or not.

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