jueves, 30 de abril de 2015

expedition to Titicaca lake

As you may know last week we had bad news about the situation of the frogs in Titicaca lake, now after some planning with the team of the project and some organizations and government we are now getting ready to go to the field and to see what is happening, to evaluate the real status of the frogs and also to take different kind of samples such as water quality, heavy metals, different tissues for different kind of analysis that can provide us a clue that can explain why the frogs are dying in the Lake.
the next days we will update our blog once a day so we can share the findings of this expedition, we more than welcome suggestions and comments about this

getting ready for the fieldwork in Titicaca Lake 

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  1. Hey Arturo and team, have a good and safe trip to the field. I am looking forward to hear about the results and progres you make in the field. The green colouration of the water and all the dead frogs you find are worrying indeed. To me it seems that the balance between algae (do you know which type of algae?), macro/micro invertebrates and predators like fish in disturbed stronlgy, leading to an unstable status of the lake. Apparantly there is an iflow of compounds leading to this eutrophication that either leads to the massive blooming of the algae directly or affects the composition of invertebrates and via that way the frogs as well. I remeber I read about this in a book. I will see if I can find this. All the best from Holland and I will keep regularly an eye on the blog. Sjoerd