jueves, 20 de octubre de 2011

Improving our work in captive breeding

working with our frogs marking them to have better control

Due to past training experiences we came back with the objective to improve several of our activities within the project. This is the case of the captive breeding work, which we saw that several aspects could be improved.
In this sense, now we are working better with our captive frogs, in some cases treating them to improve their conditions to have better results. Aspects like nutrition, calcium balance, water quality, UV radiation and some environmental changes among others are reflecting better conditions of our frogs, aspect very important in the conservation work we want to develop.
A new model of Titicaca water frog in our exhibition
thanks to the Swedish exhibition project "Con Otros Ojos" 
Also we are improving our biosecurity levels that will allow us to have a better management and control of possible diseases of wild and captive amphibians.

Improving our biosecurity levels in the container
Improvements in our work can have a big impact in the captive amphibians we are holding and this thanks to the people and institutions like Durrell that is supporting us in this process of amphibian conservation. All these experiences we want to share with other countries that are working or want to work in captive breeding projects with Telmatobius; in this way to work faster with the species that need our help.
Working with live food
Team working in the facilities

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